Friday, February 10, 2012

Binky + Joe | Miami, FL

When I first got my DSLR loaded with 1080i HD video, I just couldn’t ignore the little movie camera icon staring me in the face with the other 9 still image options.  Canon’s capability to produce high definition movies that were being picked up to create indie films winning at Sundance and shows like House was not to go unnoticed.  Some photographers claim to have never even clicked their dials into Movie Mode.  But for me it would be like buying my Jeep Wrangler and never using the 4WD – it just doesn’t make sense to not see what driving through some mud puddles is all about!

Through months and months and months and months and months of dedication to learning the art of stabilization, panning, and EDITING, I am proud to showcase my second official wedding videography experience.

The wedding of Beatrice to Joseph (because it sounds so grown up when you say your full names) was a weekend full of fun, Miami style baby.  From the moment we walked through the airport sliding doors and into the thick, warm night air, we knew we were in for some good ole family fun in the sun with the added bonus of salsa dancing and wedding cake.


So go ahead and pause that flashy red music player at the bottom of this page, and enjoy Binky’s complimentary red wedding day shoes instead.  Welcome to Miami!!!

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