Jessica Dolly here.  Props to the younger me for the sweet Jecca nickname I gave myself growing up when I had a hard time getting past 2 syllables.

What's my background, you ask?  As a newcomer to Hingham, MA in 2009, I have come to love this coastal New England land (and Dunkin' Donuts coffee).  My photography eye then blossomed with the birth of my daughter and her angelic ways.  Lyla's beauty unleashed an art that I love to seek in clients' long eyelashes, sun flare backyards full of kids playing, or perfect silhouettes against a sunsetting beach.

As for my style, I'm the kind of photographer that doesn't want to be noticed.  Candid shots rather than posed (besides those cutie patootie sleepy newborns).  You won't find blinding flashes or MGM Studios setups here.  I'm all about natural lighting and minimal flash in order for the inner beam in all of us to work it's magic.  For the photogs, I'm a Canon girl who loves her 50mm f/1.4 lens.  All combined gives an effortless photo session full of details that will shine in your investment with Jecca D.