Monday, January 30, 2012

Flower Girl Express

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You would think that when your daughter is a once-in-a-lifetime flower girl, and you the mom are a photographer, you’d naturally hold a flower girl photo shoot the day of the wedding bells to produce hundreds of “Look At My Baby!” photographs that may even compete with the brides attentive photographer.  Get all paparazzi up in there. 

But reality check, where mom is busy off on her own as a bridesmaid and Lyla was not a fan of loud music and strangers.  But boy did she ever look angelic, her hairpiece doubling as a halo.  I quickly took a handful of shots in the backroom where the boisterous wedding party gathered after the ceremony (with not a sliver of natural light) and the bribery of an iPad looping Elmo on my lap, but then put the camera down in order to play my #1 role: Mom.  Poor thing was not a fan of the noise a gathering of family & friends can produce and crashed on my chest at 5:00 out in the venue lobby.  But hey, we tried!

If she lasted 15 minutes or 150, I’m just thankful she will one day be able to say, “One time I was a flower girl at my Aunt Laura’s wedding.  And Daddy joined me as Flower Boy down the aisle.” 

But I have a suspicious feeling this won’t be her last gig  ;)  Probably Flower Boy’s though.

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